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Newman's Tobias Of Kik N Back Acres  

DOB: 17-01-2017
Deceased: -
RegNo: SCPS-2018-0268-BCM
Color: -
Country of origin: United States
Owner : Planet K9 Collies
Breeder :
Clear by Parentage 23" & 63lbs. 4th generation DNA Clear

COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.1%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 97.6%
(max. possible ancestors in 6 gen.: 126, found: 124 in 6 gen. (98.41%), unique: 121)
Newman%27s+Tobias+Of+Kik+N+Back+Acres Newman%27s+Tobias+Of+Kik+N+Back+Acres Newman%27s+Tobias+Of+Kik+N+Back+Acres
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Newman's Rock Me to the Top (Tesla)
Newman's Rock Me to the Top (Tesla)
Fairlight's Crofter
Fairlight's Crofter
Miles' Masterpiece in Cobalt
Garlind Ridge Classic Mack Diesel
Classic Tamden Chaps
Van-M Gadfly of Honey Tree
Honey Tree
Glasgowhill Some Like it Hot
Glasgowhill's Let It Burn Me
Van-M Take A Gander
Garlind Ridge Elle May Miles
Garlind Ridge Buck-Key Boy
Classy Lassie's Cocoa Kodiak
Classy Lassie On the Lam
Aries Garlind Ridge Maggymay
Aries Reap The Wild Wind
Aries The Katznjammer Kid
Mile's Gift of Faith
Stoneedge Obsidian Knight
CH Highcroft Cindeross Levi
Overland Prediction
Highcroft Haley Mills
CAN CH Collection Nueva Ne
CH EmeraldBrae's Tommy Boy
Collection Majeste
Overland Summer Levis
Diamante's Heartbreak Kid
Charmaine's Miles To Go
Nirvona's Little Sophia
Nirvana's Max Millian
Sukies Heavenly Diamond
Fairlight's Blackberry Gemijami
Fairlight's Blackberry Gemijami
Laird Duncan of Wyland
Windy Acres Sienna Knight
Windy Acres Dusty Knight
Garlind Ridge Buck-Key Boy
Garlind Ridge Cali Sue
Irishcreek Warquablen Image
Van-M Vision See The Future
Warquablen Kerhaven Rebound
Van-M Play La Vie en Rose
Van-M Make a Play
CH VAN-M Balloon Pilot
Van-M Make A Ripple
Van-M Vision Atsa Clue
Fairlight's McKenna
Glendale's Fan the Flames
Emperor's Joshua Tree
Emperor's Diamond in the Ruff
Daisy Rhea Cooper
Wind-Call's MiLady
AM CAN CH Afterhour's Color of the Wind ROM
Emperor's Black Satin Smooth
Glendale's Smoke and Mirrors
Pepper Steak Kid
CH Capella's Alias Alcor
Con-Te Party Gold
MS Misty Yellow Rose
Master Cole's Program
Lady Hanna Windscott
Stirling's Trend Setter @ Amber Bear
Stirling's Trend Setter @ Amber Bear
Stirling's Romancing the Blues
Garwoods Blue Horizen
CH CAN CH Garwood's Poco Diablo
AM CAN CH Afterhour's Color of the Wind ROM
AM/CAN CH Gambit's Freeze Frame ROM
Afterhours Risque ROM
Willowsong Mistletoe Ice
Jemtrak's Sweet Shadow
Jemtrak's One of a Kind
Candy's Golden Firewalker
Candy's Dream of Gold
CH Bethany's Preacher Man ROM
CH Revelation Morning Star
CH Caledonia North Star
AM/CAN CH North Country Hot Shot
Lonely elm temperature rising
Blue Sky's Curves
Crimson's Braveheart
CH Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut ROM
CH Collairine Convoy O'Pinewynd
Pinewynd's Oreo Deluxe
CH Maji Crimson's Turning Point
CH Glen Hill Top Of The Line
Maji's Beach Babe
CH Bit O Heaven LH Miss Liberty
CH Locust Hill Big Mac
CH Twin Acres Concert-Master
Locust Hill Who's That Girl
CH, CD, RN Wild Wind On A Stormy Night
CH Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut ROM
CH Wild Wind's On A Winter Night
Stirling's Amber in the Clouds
Hansens Captain's Jack Frost
CH Lakeview's Sweet Expectation
Great Expectation Tiger
Smokey Blue IV
Tucker IX
GE What In Blue Blazes
Anderson's Tri White Baldwin
Anderson's Blue Penny
Stirling's Ma Zaja
Z Valley's Maxamillion
Chataignier's Colossal Jolt
Lady Carly Chataignier
Z Valley's Maddison Mae
Lacy's Christmas Cowboy
Pat's Im A Silky Blue
Stirling's Lassie Obsession
Stirling's Golden Shadow
Casey's shadow V
Royal Mc Duff Herculez
Lassie Von Willow
Lady's autumn breeze
Dozer laddie
Sadie Mae Morrin
Suzie's Shelby Blue
Cyclist Socks
Magic Fred
Ace Sky Penny
Mystycal Dawn
Mr. Bear The King
Queen Misty Morning
Direct offspring
With: Daisy of Kik N Back Acres
Loki Llorca of Chesterfield Collies
With: Fairlight Sierra Sunset
Wind Whispers Daphne Through the Laurel Branches
Wind Whispers Lucy in the Sky
Wind Whispers Maizie
Wind Whispers Dixie June Belle
Wind Whispers Thor
Wind Whispers Independence of Menagerie Ranch
With: Sapphire's Pearl of Planet K9
Planet K9's Kuma of Skylos
Planet K9's Rheign of the Sorcerer
Planet K9 Clover
Planet K9 Brenna
Planet K9's Shamrock
Planet K9's Lucky
Planet K9's Kirby
Planet K9's Seamus
With: Planet K9 Emerald Nala X
Planet K9's Bass
Planet K9's Bear
Planet K9's Otter
Planet K9's Swan
Planet K9's Isabella
Planet K9's Rainy
Planet K9's Pepin
Planet K9's Mille
With: Nellie Mae New Year Joy
Planet K9 Stella
Planet K9 Silver
Planet K9 Sadie
With: Blue Planet K9 Jaxon Jewel
Planet K9 Jewel's Baby Bear
With: Nellie Mae New Year Joy
Planet K9 Paige
Planet K9 Palmer
Planet K9 Parkley
From same sire and dam:
Newman's Rockin' the Quintessential Trend
Newman's Lambert The Blue Lioness
Newman's Atomic Eleanor
Newman's Trendy Lil' Leo Lady
Newman's Nyx Of The Night
Newman's High Voltage Tesla R-1
Newman's Atomic Hazel
Newman's Temperance Of Virtue
From same sire (Newman's Rock Me to the Top (Tesla)):
With: Fairlight Sierra Sunset
Newman's Over The Hedge Hammy
Newman Amberley Sky Is A Delight
Newman's Forever Country @ Amber Bear
Lost Acres Timber from Montana
With: Fairlight Sierra Sunset
Newman's Lady Arabella Always
Newman's Made to Order T-Bjorn
Newman's Smooth Cruisin Cassie Chaos
Newman's Sweet Rhythm of Reece
Newman's One of a Kind Giboney
Newman's Blaze of Glory Bandit
Newman's Rashah Of The Redwoods
Newman's Miss Dakota Sunshine
Newman's Brighid Goddess of Ireland
Newman's She Is A Busy Bee
With: Montana's Melody
Wind Whispers Keeper Of the Key
Wind Whispers This is me
With: Newman's Big Skye Lass
Wind Whispers It's Always Been You
Wind Whispers Send me an Angel
Wind Whispers Music to my Eyes
With: Newman's Maple Meave of Aspen Meadow Farm
Aspen Meadow's Donald
Aspen Meadow's Pete
Aspen Meadows Finaghan Kolohe's Little Rascel
Aspen Meadow's Daisy
Aspen Meadows Nothing but Blue Sky
Aspen Meadow's Minnie
From same dam (Stirling's Trend Setter @ Amber Bear):
With: Romany's Tail of the Bank
Amber Bear's She's All That
With: Commanche Of The Shadowland R-1
Newman's Callieanna
Newman’s You Are My Sunshine
Newman's Lanalee
Newman's Paisleyjo
Newman's Follow The Yellow Brick Road to Oz (Taralee)
Wind Whispers Courageux et bleu
Newman's Montana Mystic
Newman's Ronan Son of Commanche
Newman's Donovan