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Wind Whispers Liberty  

DOB: 03-07-2019
Deceased: -
RegNo: SCPS-2019-0457-A
Color: Sable/White
Country of origin: United States
Owner : -
Breeder :
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 87.9%
(max. possible ancestors in 6 gen.: 126, found: 66 in 6 gen. (52.38%), unique: 58)
Wind+Whispers+Liberty Wind+Whispers+Liberty Wind+Whispers+Liberty
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Newman's Allendar of Lost Acres
Newman's Allendar of Lost Acres
Lost Acres Prince Charlemagne Tru-Vu
Lost Acres Prince Charlemagne Tru-Vu
Wil-O-Lanes Tru-Vu Judg'ment
Will-O-Lanes Your Honor
Wil-O-Lanes Deny Justice
Wil-O-Lanes Polar Explorer
Wil-O-Lanes Jurisprudence
Sylva Sno Love Me Truly
VAN-M Ticket Punch
Sylva Sno Ocean Breeze
Sylva Sno Sea Salt
Sylva Sno VA Mtn Sunrise
Van-M Goldplate OFA24E
Royal Star's The Fairest Of Them All
Goodwin's Special Tru-Vu Sno Bear
CH Special Velvet Teddy Bear
CH Special Holy Cow
Mountainside White As Sno
Special Mountainside Sno Angel
CH Special Sharp-Dressed Man
Mountainside White As Sno
Royal Star's Superior Queen Of The Savanah Tru-Vu
Superier's Got Milk
Dreams of Nightstar on Baileys Way
Palmhaven’s Chapter of Zoey
Superiors Are we there yet
Glasgowhill’s Traffic Jam
Blessed Acres Katie O’Chartere
La Bonnie We Lass Tru-Vu CGC
La Bonnie We Lass Tru-Vu
Desiree Tru-Vu Legalese
De'Siree Tru-Vu Tort Reform
Will-O-Lanes Your Honor
Wil-O-Lanes Deny Justice
Sylva Sno Love Me Truly
Desiree's Sabina
Wil-O-Lanes Viewmaster
Wil-O-Lanes Judges Gavel
Desiree Sunshine Days
Sylva Sno Mystic Judgement
Will-O-Lanes Your Honor
Sylva Sno Ocean Mist
Desiree's Sabina
Wil-O-Lanes Viewmaster
Wil-O-Lanes Judges Gavel
Royal Star's Katie Duchess of Tru-Vu
RoyalStar Tr-Vu Legendary KingArthur
Glasgowhill's Mr. Irresistible
CH VAN-M That's the Ticket
Van-M Take A Gander
Harvesthil's The Cotillion
Highlandblue's The Duke
Harvesthil A Fancy Affair
Royal Star Dutchess Success KC
Lucky Success Ranger KCRanch
Walker Ramblin Ranger
Sidney Sweet Success
Cleopatra Lady of KC Ranch
Sir Lucky Knight of Rolin
Maiden Lady of Rolin
Wind Whispers Pawsitively Paite
Wind Whispers Pawsitively Paite
Priest River Ghost
Priest River's Isis
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
Wind Whispers Franklin
Wind Whispers Washington
Wind Whispers Freedom
Wind Whispers Hope
Wind Whispers Jefferson
Wind Whispers America
Wind Whispers Betsy
Wind Whispers Justice
From same sire (Newman's Allendar of Lost Acres):
With: Sioux Of Sweet Water's
Wind Whisper Lainey Breath of Fresh Air
Kootenai Prince
Kootenai Sassy Sioux
Kootenai Scotty
Kootenai Torrin Standing On The Mountain
Kootenai Cody
Kootenai Countess of Windy Acres
With: Fairlight Sierra Sunset
Newman's Big Sky Angus at RobinSong
Newman's Ollie Collie Oxen Free
Newman's Once Upon a Time on the Yellowstone River
Newman's Forever A Buckeye
Newman's Ever After Estoire
With: Newman's Forever Country @ Amber Bear
Wind Whispers River Delta
With: Amber Bear's She's All That
Wind Whispers Cowboy Magic At Holston Mountain
Wind Whispers Maximilian
Wind Whispers Kyle Macaulay
Wind Whispers Esther
Wind Whispers Farrah Bug
With: Sioux Of Sweet Water's
Kootenai Millie
Kootenai Sunny
Kootenai Willow
Kootenai Riley
Kootenai Merle
Kootenai Jade
With: Newman's All The Wave Bow Down To The Loralie
Wind Whispers Follow your Arrow
Wind Whispers Eros Made In Montana
With: Carabella's Lady Bell
Carabella's One in a Million
Carabella's Magnolia Dances at Wind Whispers
Carabella's Sky is the Limit
Carabella's Time in a Bottle
Carabella's Midnight Magic
Carabella's High and Mighty
Carabella's Above and Beyond
Carabella's Playing for Keeps
From same dam (Wind Whispers Pawsitively Paite):
no data