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Butterscotch Farm
United States, Maine
I am located in Fryeburg, Maine. I will be raising a litter or two of Scottish Collies per year. I hope to produce dogs that excel as pets, with some that have the potential to be working dogs. Puppies will be exposed to goats and chickens while they are with me. First litter hoped for in the autumn of 2020. Text or contact me through my blog for more information.
Canny Gaun Collies
United States, Louisiana
The Canny Gaun goal is to preserve the Scottish Collie once prevalent 100 years ago. Our dogs are family dogs, guardians of home and barn, highly intelligent and eager to please.
Carabella Collies
United States, Oregon

Gary Lehman
United States, TN

Green Acres
United States, GA

Howell, Sheila
United States, North Carolina

Hycottage Farm Collies
United States, Ohio
Hard Working, Versatile, Family Collies
Isabel Campbell
United States, MO
Raising intelligent, Healthy, service dog capable collies.
Lakeside Collies
United States

Lost Acres farm
United States, Arkansas
We're a small farm with sheep, and working Collie dogs in Arkansas. Temperament is key and Biddability.
Marushka Farms
United States, Pennsylvania
We are breeders of the classic Scottish Collie with the goal of preservation of this highly intelligent, all round working breed. Our working sheep farm gives our dogs and puppies exposure to many farm activities.
McNeil Collies
United States, New York
I had whelped my 1st litter in June of 2017. I genetically test my Collies to better the breed & bring them back to the Old Scottish Collie Standards. I also have my Collies tested through OFA for Hips & Elbows. I tend to use Cornell Univeristy for the majority of the testing. I have always had Collies...love their drive, stamina & temperament. My female Collie Van-M Wicani's Isle Of Skye at McNeil's is SCPS registered.
Miles' Collies
United States, IA
Peg Miles 108 Walnut Street Hopkinton Iowa, 52237
Monnie C Eubank
United States, MS
1816 County Road 216
Nelson Homestead
United States, RI

NW Collies
United States, WA

Pioneer Scottish Collies
United States, South Dakota
It is our focus to produce athletic, highly biddable, working collies who will excel in active homes. Our puppies will be raised in a farm environment and receive Puppy Culture as part of their early development. If you would like to be on the waiting list to be notified when our pups are born, please go to our Facebook page and fill out the questionnaire. form.https://www.facebook.com/groups/1978429868889261/photos/
Planet K9 Collies
United States, Minnesota
We've been breeding Collies for 8 years and strive to maintain old Scottish Breed Standard and improve Collie genetics and health while maintaining their excellent temperament.
Puppy Dog City
United States, Oh
Puppy Dog City is home of purebreed AKC Rough Collies & working Scottish Collies. The kennel is located in Irvine, KY as well as Columbia Station, OH
Red Canyon
United States, NM

Redsky Scottish Collies
United States

Rheign Collies
United States, Indiana
I’m a small hobby kennel dedicated to the health and standard of the original collie. All of our dogs and puppies are family. They all are raised and live indoors with us.
Sella in the Woods
United States, MI

Shadow Hill Farm
United States, ME
Ryman's Shadow Hill Hunter: CEA -clear, CN - clear, DM - Clear, MDR1 - Clear
Urquhart Collies
United States, Texas
Urquhart Collies seeks to produce Scottish Collie puppies strongly exhibiting those traits and instincts consistent with the traditional working Collies of rural Scotland in the 1800s and early 1900s. Light-boned, agile, intelligent, fast and possessed of good endurance, the Scottish Collie is superb working dog, with a gentle, yet protective, disposition, strong herding instincts, and great versatility.
Vom Haus Vogelsang

Voneida Collies
United States, TN
Staring Sunnybank descendant: Voneida Summertime County Beau. We desire to assist the efforts to bring back the old fashioned Collie. We value a good mind and strong build in addition to DNA heath testing. Our puppies are raised on our 18 acre hobby farm with other critters and children. Our puppies have been placed in therapy, show, breeding and family homes.Currently half of our breeding dogs are AKC registered and half are SCPS or dual.
Waddington Rough Collies
United States, TX
We are a small farm and we have an occasional Collie litter. Our dogs are part of our family and work like the rest of us on our farm. They herd cattle and guard our livestock.
Windspun Farm
United States, Michigan
We are a small breeder of Working Farm collies.
Windy Acres Farm
United States, IA
We are a small Kennel raising quality Collies.