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Urquhart Collies

Urquhart Collies seeks to produce Scottish Collie puppies strongly exhibiting those traits and instincts consistent with the traditional working Collies of rural Scotland in the 1800s and early 1900s. Light-boned, agile, intelligent, fast and possessed of good endurance, the Scottish Collie is superb working dog, with a gentle, yet protective, disposition, strong herding instincts, and great versatility.
Father: Rambling Roses Prince Sweet William
Mother: Heart O' Rose Tristan of Urquhart R-1 FD
date of birth: 2020-05-16
Height and Weight of Dam? H 23" W 51 lbs What is the Temperament of Dam? Sweet Tempered. Loves everyone, especially kids. She has attended 3rd grade school classes with hubby teaching. She likes all dogs she meets. She is very active and is willing to try anything with mom What Activities does the Dam do? ie; herding, agility, rally, service, etc. Dock diving- has earned titles as first collie to earn titles in NADD/AKC and #1 Collie 2017-2019. CAT/lure - earned title in UKC. Past ATTS Temper

kennel/owner:Urquhart Collies
contact name: Urquhart Collies
adres:United States
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Rambling Roses Prince Sweet William
Rambling Roses Prince Sweet William
R-Star All Father Odin Has Tru-Vu
R-Star All Father Odin Has Tru-Vu
RoyalStar Tr-Vu Legendary KingArthur
Glasgowhill's Mr. Irresistible
CH VAN-M That's the Ticket
Van-M Take A Gander
Harvesthil's The Cotillion
Highlandblue's The Duke
Harvesthil A Fancy Affair
Blessed Acres Carrie Prada
Glendale's Winston
Glendale's Riverdance
Jade Hills Blue Angel
Codybear's White Jasmine
CH Lakeview's Sweet Expectation
Chatalaine's Polar Starfire
Planet K9's Diamond
Planet K9's Diamond
Stirling's Lad of the Lassies
Hansens Captain's Jack Frost
CH Lakeview's Sweet Expectation
Stirling's Ma Zaja
Suzie's Lucky Princess
Cinnabar's Prince Olaf Andree
Trygg's Duchess Dala
Stirling's Vennessee-Fantasys
Blue Ridge Son-Of-A-Gunnin'
CH Litl Murphs Mystic Silver
Blueridge Springmanor Fantasy
Stirling's Vennessee-Fantasys Selina
Stirling's Romancing the Blues
Stirling's Ma Zaja
Heart O' Rose Tristan of Urquhart R-1 FD
Heart O' Rose Tristan of Urquhart
Heart O' Rose Legolas
Heart O' Rose Legolas
Heritage Mighty Rainier
Gracehaven's Angus
Ms. Hannah MacGregor
Peruvian Lassie
Heritage Little Lassen
Strunk's Dunrovin Rover II
Dunrovin's Rover
Strunk's Dunrovin Peggy
Heritage Majestic Shasta
Ford's Chesney Buddy
Ford's Red Bank Ginger
Heart O' Rose Tauriel
Heart O' Rose Tauriel
A and R's Desert Tundra
A and R's Desert Ice
Rascal of Blue Diamonds
(Raven) Blue Diamond Collies of Colorado
A and R's Desert Delight
Pa's Caramel Prince
Alchemy's Princess Daisy
Wyoming Lady Mae Walker
Rystrom's Walker Texas Ranger
Cook's Franklin D. Rooselvelt
Cook's Misty Magic
Daisy Mae Rystrom
Stormy Dexter
Sunny's Stormy