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Vom Haus Vogelsang

Father: 'Twas The Cat's Meow
Mother: Vogelsang´s Kalina
date of birth: 2020-04-30
Height and Weight of Dam? 54cm, 24kg What is the Temperament of Dam? Kalina is a tireless mover, defending her property, great Will to please, Herding abilities What Activities does the Dam do? ie; herding, agility, rally, service, etc. Guarding, obedience Height and Weight of Sire 60cm 58pounds What is the Temperament of Sire? He is a gentle, outgoing boy with great Will to Please, retrieves with grear fun What Activities does the Sire do? ie; herding, agility, rally, service, etc. obedience

kennel/owner:Vom Haus Vogelsang
contact name: Christina Golz
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
'Twas The Cat's Meow
'Twas The Cat's Meow
Van-M Good Samaritan
CH VAN-M Balloon Pilot
CH Valiant Dark Sultan
CH Lake Manor Impetuous Gold
Wolf Manor Valiant Kala
Van-M Jelly Bean
Valiant Flaming Tigger
Wolf Manor Valiant Kala
Van-M Elegance
VAN-M Aruga's New Wrinkle
Van-M Contemplation
Van-M Beau Geste II
Van-M Embossed
Van-M Appellation
Van-M Cut a Rug
Van-M Embossed
Van-M A Million Wiggles
Van-M Dennisay's Million Dollar Babe
AM CH Van-M Mercury The Biggest Star
CH Van-M Make A Deal II
Van-M Make a Play
CH VAN-M Balloon Pilot
Van-M Iron Pyrite
Van-M Twinkle's Apercu
Van-M Make a Play
CH VAN-M Balloon Pilot
Van-M In a Twinkling
Van-M Elegance Miss Demeanor
Van-M Vision See The Future
VAN-M Pal Joey II
CH VAN-M Balloon Pilot
VAN-M Ticket Punch
CH Valiant Dark Sultan
Van-M Curfew
CH Valiant Dark Secret
CH Lake Manor Impetuous Gold
Wolf Manor Valiant Kala
Van-M All Dolled Up
Vogelsang´s Kalina
Vogelsang´s Kalina
Black Fighter of Kingly Shine SG
Bobby Vom Krebsbachtal V
McCloud's American Fighter AD, VPG1
Kings Valley Covenant
Black Allison von der Allerheide
Bonny Vom Hohen Lohr V, BH, A 3
Corydon Carruthers
Anna vom Hohen Lohr SchH2, A1
Blue Blossom of Kingly Shine V
Tiamo's Black Gigolo
Fresena's Jamee-Lee
Tiamo's Ever Sunshine
Ginger Moon Godess van Bayren
Troydon Sovrtrign Night
Blue Dusty van Bayren
Hakuna Matata vom Haus Vogelsang
Ennismoors Song of Birds BH, AD, OB1
NAT. CH Limericks American Classic
CH Winover Debomair
Valley Parks Endearing
NAT. CH Ennismoors Gillies Bay
BISS CH Southland's Bowen Island
Ennismoors Memoirs of a Geisha
Kings Valley Flying High BH
Kings Valley Frequent Flyer
CH Twin Oaks High Plains Drifter
Kings Valley Rhyme and Reason
CH Kings Valley She's a Ryder
CH Millknock Moonstone
CH Kings Valley Looking East